Books to movies to reality

I got to thinking the other day about at what level certain books or movies are designed to open the mind of the public for a future reality. I know, You just read that first sentence and said “Now is the time to put on my tin foil hat!“, but hear me out for just a minute.

First and most recent example –

  • The book “The Martian” written by Andy Weir released in Oct 2014.
  • NASA announces humans to land on Mars Dec 2014
  • The movie “The Martian” released in 2015

I would assume that Andy Weir had done his research about the theories of living on Mars prior to writing his book. I would guess that NASA had a hand in providing necessary information regarding the reality of life on Mars.

Another example –

Fifty-seven years in the making of moving a book to movie to reality. This puts another notch in the win category of how that converting or preparing society for upcoming changes.

Final prime example

I would say that with the way that most governments are currently watching their citizens, we are currently living in a police state.

It is 2018, why is it that we don’t have our teleporters or flying cars? Where are those realities? There are plenty of other examples to choose from here, but let’s keep this moving forward.

Now the question – (Conspiracy theory time)

  • What about something like “Contagion“, with all of the information around recent virus’s outbreaks, is it possible that you have been warned ahead of time.
  • What if the movie, “The Purge” (series) is prepping the public for that type of future scenario to occur in the US? Total chaos, opposite of martial law for 24 hours?

While I don’t even like the premise of these, these are some of the prime reasons that preppers and survivalists do what we do (tin foil hat or not). With the examples above and the question, would agree that at some level there is some truth (conspiracy or not) about books moving to reality?

I hope this article has sparked some WAY outside the box thinking/conversation for you about this reality. Good luck!

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