Groceries and diet 

I am a meat and potatoes kind of eater. By no means would I consider myself a vegetarian or vegan, but I understand the need for vegetables. With the current market, meat products have become a commodity and priced accordingly at the grocery stores. It is challenging to buy a weeks’ worth of groceries for less than fifty dollars when meat is on the menu for that week. Worse yet, even if you purchase meat in packaging you can see through, you still don’t know for sure what was injected or fed into that animal that you are about to consume.

The primary focus for this article is to discuss diet habits. I am not talking about all of the different diet fads, the diet pills, the meal supplements or any of those such things. I am not a dietitian or nutritionist. Diet and health have gone hand in hand for millennia and have been proven time and time again in recent studies. The theory goes, if you are eating the right thing, predominately a plant-based diet, your level of health will increase over what it is today. If you mix this plant-based diet with wild game, or healthy organically raised meat, you should again have increased levels of health with meat in your diet over your current health levels.

I will say my wife no longer makes meat tacos at home, she has switched meat with quinoa with taco seasoning, and I don’t really notice a difference in taste. She has also come up with numerous cooking and seasoning ways to encourage me to eat more vegetables. It has been some trial and error along the way, but it can be done even for a meat and potatoes kinda guy.

Red meat is bad, white meat is bad, pink slime is bad…ok one of those is true, the others are false if eaten in moderation, or better yet if eaten from natural organic raised animals in those same flavors.

Shameless self-promotion section –

My “Growing your own” articles talks about growing fruits and veg for pennies on the dollar compared to what you spend at the store for a similar product. I would encourage you to read or re-read if you haven’t already.

My “Big Game HuntingColorado” article talks about self-guided big game hunting to fill your freezer with natural organic meat. I would encourage you to read or re-read if you haven’t already.

My “Raising meat” article talks about raising small framed livestock for freezer meat. I would encourage you to read or re-read if you haven’t already.

With both meat and vegetable farms diminishing, and current products coming from wherever the big chain stores are importing from, it is difficult at best to understand where your current food is coming from. Not truly knowing where it came from, what it was fed, what it was treated with, how it was handled or how it was treated for that matter should really create some questions in your mind as to what this grocery commodity is providing you.

Have you looked at local CSA’s, or connecting with local 4-H groups for local food sources?

No way am I trying to convert myself, or anyone else over to be vegan or vegetarian but I will say it is worth exploring shifting your diet a bit towards that direction to help ease the cost at the grocery store and improve your overall health. Pound per dollar, hunting, or raising your own livestock for meat mixed with home gardening will drastically reduce your cost at the grocery store and increase your overall health.

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