By no means am I being paid for these recommendations, strictly my own opinion on what gear to have and use after years of trial and error.

Car camping is great, you don’t have to worry about weight. That said, you should still review weights, and purchase as light of equipment as you can comfortably afford. It will pay dividends later as you see what works best for your experience and what doesn’t. Get an idea of what you want / need, and shop around for best price. This is a short list of recommendations.

Tent – depending on number of people or size of space available.

Sleeping bag –

Military style or Kelty

Sleeping mat –

LOTS to choose from –

Fold out table

Stove –

I like to have one of these at camp, and one of these in the pack.

Cookware –

These are great for at camp, I also like to have one of these available.


Camp chairs –

I prefer something similar to this  over the cloth chairs, works better on uneven ground and holds up to wear and tear better.

Coolers –

If hunting you will need at least 1 if not 2 100+ qt coolers

Ice packs

Food – if going for 4 days, take enough food for 7 and so on

I prefer a mix of MRE’s and mountain house meals

Clothing –

Layer upon layer for all conditions

Cold weather

Wet weather

Base layers / insulation

Scent protective


Hunter orange

Water – depending on time of year, take at least 1-2 gallons of water per person per day

First Aid


I prefer military 550 cord. It is lightweight, and plenty of tensile strength for almost any need.



Axe – though not as much need, as you can no longer cut up firewood for camp fires, but good for emergency situations

Knife – everyday carry knife works, or have several others

Vehicles tools – enough to complete minor repairs or fixes while out in the field.

Extra fuel for stoves

Recovery strap


Tree saw

Extra fuel for vehicle – I prefer these for gas / other cans

Highlift jack

Self Defense weapon


Space heater

Lights –

Headlamp – pic up an additional headlamp – have spares of spares

Tent / table



Biolite stove

Goal Zero Solar panel

Nalgene bottes –

At least 3, 1 used for drinking, 1 used to store hot water (rotated between 2 remaining) in sleeping bag overnight

Keeps bag warmer, provides unfrozen drinking water in the morning

Ear plugs or ear muffs –

For sleeping, you are probably used to heater, fan, or white noise overnight while you sleep, if you go high enough, you get no sound but wind and animals, and will make you stir crazy.

Melatonin tablets – see previous bullet point item

Hunting pack

I use this one

Hunting pack inventory

Knife – Also need some kind of fixed blade knife.

Knife sharpener – or similar small handheld sharpener

Hatchet or Saw 

Headlamp – or something similar

Water bladder – I use a 3L camelback

Food –



First Aid

Survival gear –

Survival blanket


Matches / firesteel / quick light tinder

Water purification – Iodine tablets / lifestraw / SteriPen

Spares –

Batteries for headlamp


Calls –

Bull bugle

Cow call

Clothing –

Beanie hat

Gloves – lightweight or heavyweight depending on weather

Layering clothes

Spare socks

Other –

Game bags

Rangefinder –

Wind tools

Another resource when shopping for gear would be Dvor

This is my normal list when I head up the mountain. Not saying you should take everything but the list should help you get an idea of what you should take up with you.

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